Darien High School Seniors

Siddhant Parwal

Senior Siddhant Parwal, President, handles all outstanding issues that any member faces. Siddhant is one of six elected seniors that lead the organization. Siddhant has a large role within Post 53 as a crew chief and an EMT. As a crew chief, he is responsible for being on duty with the new EMT’s and helping them in their journey through Post 53. He is also responsible for handling any issues concerning on duty crews, for example, if someone is sick and needs to go home he will step in and cover if no one else is available. In addition to this heavy workload, Siddhant is also a member of Darien High School’s varsity soccer team.

Chloe Sheehan

Senior Chloe Sheehan, Vice President of Training, handles all work pertaining to the training processes within Post 53. This contains the first aid class, EMT class, and any trainings for the whole organization. She is also responsible for organizing all testing days and times for members as well as grading all exams. In addition to being a member of the 6 elected officers, Chloe is also a crew chief and EMT who is responsible for helping any new and/or struggling EMT’s in the organization.

Darien High School Juniors

Will Christopher 

Junior Will Christopher, Interiors Officer, handles all business related to Post property and belongings. As the Interiors Officer, he deals with everything from repairing broken appliances to organizing and managing freshman cleaning sessions. Will became an EMT in the spring after completing the rigorous EMT class, which took place from October to March.

Lily Spengler

Junior Lily Spengler, Parent Alumni Officer, works with all the parents of posties and all Post 53 alumni. She works hard to keep everyone who has ever been involved in Post 53 in the loop and achieves this by creating a monthly newsletter to send everyone. She connects with all the parents of new members to help them understand the organization. Lily also completed the EMT class course and is working as an EMT for the organization.

Darien High School Sophomores

Thomas Ostberg 

Sophomore Thomas Ostberg, AV, is in charge of filming and uploading all training lessons that Post 53 holds to the internet. Thomas is currently a rider and on calls is in charge of getting all necessary equipment. He, along with all other sophomores, have recently entered the EMT class which began in October. In addition to Post 53, Thomas also plays squash and golf for Darien High School.


Maisie Stewart

Sophomore Maisie Stewart, Girls Study, is in charge of ensuring that the girl's study and bathroom are constantly stocked with all necessary items. Maisie is a rider but will become an extra in the winter as she has also recently entered the EMT class. Outside of Post 53, Maisie plays field hockey and lacrosse for the Darien High school team.